Consulting & Advertising Work



L.A. Eyeworks is a Los Angeles-based glasses company founded in 1979. It has two retail stores in Los angeles and a global distribution network. 

Produced and photographed portions of the Uncensored Visions ad campaign.




CityTV is Santa Monica's local government television station. The channel has been awarded 9 Emmys and has been recognized as a leader in public programming for the past decade.

Business Consulting

Team-led a group tasked with developing the 25th anniversary marketing campaign for the station. 

Consulted with David Weitzner (marketing for E.T. and original Star Wars) to develop recommendations.

Additionally developed a structure to survey viewership and archive the data for targeted campaigns in the future. 



Kogi BBQ

Kogi BBQ is a iconic food truck founded by LA chef Roy Choi in 2008. It is credited with starting the food truck movement in Los Angeles (~1,000 new food trucks per year were started between 2008 and 2011.) Today there are four Kogi BBQ trucks operating with 20+ weekly stops.

Business consulting

Developed a system to analyze the productivity of each truck stop and a checklist to analyze day-to-day variations in foot traffic.

Developed an algorithm to identify new truck stops and the viability of each stop considering the distance traveled.