The Workshop

In 2015, as part of my Wesleyan University senior thesis, I proposed and founded a 1,800 sq/ft student-run shared creative space. I believed that there was a problem within the Wesleyan community regarding the allocation of creative resources — both physical resources, such as materials and workspaces, and abstract resources, such as time, knowledge, support, and community. For those who were not enrolled in studio art classes, access to Wesleyan's artistic resources was severely limited, a problem that disproportionally affected low-income students. This was part of my solution: 

The Workshop opened in Spring 2016 and is currently run by a student board. Students are able to check out camera equipment, lighting gear, and backdrops. The space facilitates gallery showings, AV exhibits, large group-work, film editing, music recording,  woodworking, screenprinting, experimental instrument soldering, and much, much more. For more info you can visit the website below.