About me


I’m a Los Angeles & New York based producer, photographer, and project-maker.

Visual World

I think of myself more as a translator/helper than a photographer/director (that header above is for google purposes ; ) collaboratively working with artists to represent their art visually. I also have a bit of a businessbrain™️ so i enjoy scheming about branding/pr narratives. If you want help birthing a project or making visuals for one that already exists, reach out !

Physical World

I love working on projects that tangibly exist outside of the internet. My businessbrain™️ loves creating systems that address to real world problems. I’m most interested in the hospitality industry & projects that positively affect people’s lives (building affordable housing / expanding food access / creating spaces for community & art). I’d love to talk about any and all projects so reach out if you’re stuck or just want to talk!


This website is currently under construction and uses Notion as it’s CMS so please excuse any breaking pages!